Saturday, August 30, 2008

I hope you like em!

Hey! Here's some shit!

Revenge on a certain Miss Dekay. Was just gonna make it me and Tara but I couldn't resist some vengence and addin a little puppy Dekay in there.

Potential logo for Sunday Night Fun. Wanna color this soon.

The "Wesssst" guy from Flapjack and Some more SNF. Chapman looks over Watley as his life goes down some dark alley ways...deep stuff you guys...deep stuff...

Got back into a 90's Misfits era phase, so I drew that lineup as floating heads.

And finally a sign I made for when I was doing face painting at my block's Block Party. The Heath Ledger Joker seemed like a good mascot. Also got to paint some kids like that too.
Thats all for now, kiddies!


Tara Billinger said...

I love all of these. c: Can't wait to see the logo colored and completed and all 3 of us look pretty snazzy Oz-ified.

IndigoCrystal said...

You're such a sweet guy. Doing art for Tara (and getting revenge as making Dekay as Toto, just like her Oz piece! WAHAHAHAHA!).

That's awesome you got to do face painting for the kids. No matter how creepy your art is, you will always be a really nice guy. ^_^