Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fistfull of Sketches!

So I decided I'm gonna start updating on this thing once a week. Sound good? Well if you don't think it does then you can stick your head somewhere smelly, sticky, wet and cramped. I've been busy with school and a secret comic project that you will all find out about soon. But I'll try to make it a goal to post atleast once a week.

Here are some brown paper sketches.

This is a character I drew a couple times in some previous sketch books. He's some kinda ghoul. His name is Mope. I like his moooouth.

Hopefully this image will scour the fronts of people's shirts one day...

So until next week, kiddies. Adios!

Monday, January 12, 2009

We Want More MUNNY

Hey blog, whats up? Check it!

Posting this seems like a good way to start off 09.

For Xmas Tara and I got blank Munny's [link]So we got some paint and painted em up. Look how awesome they came out! Go look at Tara's on her blog Purple Peep Bits

It was a different experience painting a figure, but I think both of us got the hang of it.Mine came with a secret mohawk accessorie which I was really excited about. Its like having your own little action figure. And I always love working with Tara.

Definatley wanna paint some more of these, they were so much awesome.


Painted with acrylic and some minor details done with marker

More art to come. So WATCH OUT.