Friday, February 13, 2009

A Monstrous Valentine

Whooooooa so...I'm on Flapjack...!

I haven't exactly seen the episode yet but apparantly my K'nuckles picture got into the Special Valentines Day ep. Um WHAT!

Thats pretty damn amazing! I've never won anything for my art before so this feels extra awesome. Plus I had a shitty day today and to come home to find out Igot my art on Flapjack was such a picker-upper. thanks Thurop or Cartoon Network or God or...whoever lol.

Aaaand in other news...I'm an official character layout designer for the spooky kooky cartoon special MONSTROVILLE!

I'll be working with Miah Alcorn (El Tigre), creator Viktor Von Kreep and many other awesome artists on board. I'm so excited to be apart of this! Basically its a cartoon monster show with elements of classic horror and sci fi...I was thinking "how perfect for me is that! I gotta get my hands in this!" Now I can put all my classic horror knowledge to use. Keep an eye out on their blog, I hope they update soon cuz I did some pretty sweet designs!

But thats it for now. I'll post some art soonI've been really busy lately.



Nico said...

holy crap, your art is insane and awesome and i LOVE it. I also wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU for the kind comment on my Skadi comic! :D I am going to put you on my links list Zach!

Cosmic Treehouse said...

ah man thats awesome! i hope that episode comes around soon again or something so i can see it!

and congrats on the new character design job thats great! gettin in there early lol