Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Some more brown paper etchings...

And also I recently made an Etsy shop:
I really am in desperate need of money and my school schedule wont allow me the time to get a job. I have some one of a kind original pieces up, such as these lovely numbers....

So it would really mean alot if someone bought something puh-leeeeeeeease!
In other news I've been really busy with school and my internship at Plymptoons studios and also a secret project involving a certain web comic website. So I'll try to keep up with my posting!
Stay Spooky!


tinylittlesandra said...

Wow - some super work here! You've great things a head of you :)

Ricky said...

That's a drawing of the dude who gave me a weird notebook! Man, i gotta come here more often.