Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Alright so, I've just recently become a fan of El Tigre, never really seen it before since all Nick plays is Spongebob and Icarly.

But its really been a while since a show like this has really grabbed me.Its got great animation, character acting, character designs, awesome music, color schemes, good stories, great action, lots of inspirations taken from alot of different stuff and over all just some cool stuff to just look at. I can also tell the creators put alot of heart into it, everything just breathes and seems to have its own kind of taste. And also I'm such a sucker for the spaghetti western references, hehehe.

Anyway I rarely do fanart for something I've just gotten into but El Tigre just jumped right up in my face and demanded it. Wish I was into this show when it came out.

Also this is the first pic I colored with my new Wacom Bamboo Tablet! Yay!
And sorry for posting so much fanart and lame sketches. I'll do something original when I feel like it. So enjoy!