Saturday, February 21, 2009

Xmas time for the Swedish

Here are some Xmas presents for my good friend Emma Sarkela. These were sent aaaaaall the way to Sweden! Wowzers.

This first one is a collab between Tara and me. Betcha can't guess who drew which character haha.

Seriously if you don't know, then your a retard.

And this one is of Emma's little nuclear bunny, Gor and my hideous unappealing whats-it, Ratch.
As you can see they're best friends.

Hope ya liked these, Emma!



GillianIvy said...

Kewlness. Like your style. Wandered in by clicking the link from DA. I'm good at following directions.

Clair N. S. said...

YAY! \o/
I loved your blog and style! =D