Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Buy a Snake or a Rhino!

Hey everyone! Nothing toooo great to report besides that I'm selling two paintings.I had done these for my portfolio in highschoolfor my AP art class, I was the only cartooning kid in that class and I had to submit these to some AP art exam thing whiiiiich I passed with flying colors (hell yea, muthuh fuckuh). I keptforgetting to post these on here since they're really large and therefore not scan-able.
So I've decided to sell them to make some extra scratch.
My concentration was "Abstract Animals" and I certainly had fun with it!

Cold Blood

I also have some other original artwork and prints for sale at my Etsy Shop!
I would be delighted if anyone would wanna take a look.
Well thats it for now. BYE.


Michael J. Ruocco said...

How much are you particularly asking for them?

EFF said...

Wowwww awesome stuff! How's SVA?

Thanks for linking to me!

Nico said...

HOLY WOW, that is some gonzo Ralph Steadman quality shit right there!!! And by shit I mean gold. You AMAZE me Zach!!!!!

Ben said...

You have some awesome stuff on your blog and deviantart! It's so different but so interesting! Your style is so fun. I wish I had some more manliness to my art. Mines just girly.