Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Rat, a Bat...and an Aardvark

Howdy! Don't got a whole lot to show really but something really big is coming up soon so keep your eyes pealed! Got some prisma color practices to show ya! They can be tricky at times.



And...an Aardvark. Just to make it an even three.

So I might not be able to post anything for a while, school ends the begining of May for me, so I'm getting alot of work that I have to complete.

ALSO my birthday is next Wednesday, I'm gonna be 20, holy crap. I'm gonna feel like a geezer lol.

Hope ya dig this entry and thanks to everyone who's come to check me out and give me comments.




Megan DeKay said...

I love that the bat is green!

Anonymous said...

The Bat's design kinda reminds me of Fidget.

Nico said...

AWESOME colors Zach! I like that the Aardvark has a big scar going up his belly. ehehe, looks painful!

Happy early birthday BUDDY!!! Aw 20 isn't old, trust me. Besides, you still have 21 to look forward to! Now me, being 24, THAT's a geezer.

can't wait for the big surprise!