Saturday, April 18, 2009

Th-Th-Thats all, Dummies!

My week over at Dumm Comics has come to an end. Awww...
Well I'd just like to thank everyone who came over to check out my work, I've definatley never had an experience like this before and it was so satisfying and exciting for me!

As a special treat here's some original inkwork and insight on how I made each strip.

Through the Port-hole and 1930 Nightmare Theater were done traditionally on large pieces of paper. I sketched out the panels in pencil but the erased them after I inked the artwork so I could later make them in Photoshop. Also since these pages were bigger than my scanner I had to scan them in peices and later stick em together.

TTPH was mostly done is brushpens.

Kimbo was done in Micron pens. I like the mircons more, not because I'm most comfortable with them but because they just give off a cleaner slicker look.

For Skadi and Big Pants Mouse I drew each panel on a separate sheet of paper, so I can put in as much detail as I can and then later compile everthing in Photoshop.

This was mostly done in microns but I used a brushpen for long shapes such as Skadi's hair or her legs.

I originally wanted to color this strip in markers as a tribute to Katie Rice's style but I was pressed for time so I had to use good ol Photoshop.

Earthward Ho! was done entirley with a tablet in Photoshop. I sketched out the characters on a separate layer and then inked on another. I sent the file to Tara so she can ink Sam. This was our first ever comic collaboration and I think its the best out of the whole set.

Well I really hope everyone enjoyed my week. I am so very grateful to the head Dummies to let Tara and I do this. Speaking of which...Tara's week start this monday! So you better get back over there and oogle at her amazing artwork!

And once again thank you to anyone who commented on my strips and my blog and anyone who wished me a Happy Bday! I am a very happy boy!

Later, y'all!


goma said...

Man, you did an awesome job with all of them! It was a week of non-stop comicy goodness. I think the through the porthole one was my favourite of the bunch XD And it was cool to see a collaboration for the last one! I can't wait for Tara's comic week

Nico said...

it was a great week for all, thanks to your comics !

Can't wait for Tara's week! HOLLER

Gabe Swarr said...

Thanks again Zach! We loved having you! You did an amazing job!

Niki said...

Yeha Yeah, we liked it.

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

Fantastic week!!! You really went all out and it showed. Brilliant.