Monday, May 11, 2009

I got some stuuuuff.

Whoa! Summer break has begun for me. Another year at the School of Visual Arts DONE!
So my computer had a few problems and I had to get it fixed, so while it was away I did some traditional pics. All of em mostly done in markers.

Ahhh boars/warthogs have been one of my favorite animals since grade school. Don't ask me why, to this day I can't even say why I love em. Anyway this guy's just trotting along. He's kind of a mixture between a wild boar and a warthog (yes there is a difference) so I don't know if he can exist in the real world. Oh and he's blueish green. Haha.

This thing is called a Ruddy Duck. Found it while scowering threw one of my big animal books and thought it'd be cool to draw. When they get wet the feathers ontop their heads kinda look like horns so I exaggerated that in the drawing. Also they have really weird looking bills, they almost have a sort of point right in the middle of it.

This photo isn't a very good one but you get the point...

Last Sunday was Mother's Day so I drew my mom a great green fah-roggy. Haha she liks frogs, but probably just because of that song "Jeremia was a Bullfrog". She liked this...I think.

I think I like doing traditional stuff more than digital. Look out for more!



Nico said...

Traditional or digital, your cartooons kick major ass either way. Love it all, but LOVE that frog!

Chenny said...

wow this stuff is beautiful!! the colors are amazing..these drawings are so inspiring!