Monday, June 1, 2009

I Don't Wanna Be Held in Your London Dungeon...

Anyone out there a Misfits fan?
Weeeeell for anyone who doesn't know they're a legendary punk band known for their clever horror themed songs and styles.

This is a long awaited commission for friend Karl Stephens, who's currently working on a crazy cool comic called Sparko soon to be published by SLG. Lucky stiff.

Anyway he wanted a depiction of the classic Misfits song London Dungeon with singer Glenn Danzig in a dungeon. How could I resist doin Misfits art? I initially was gonna have it as a bird's eye view but that kept back firing on me, so I settled on this.

The brown paper gave it an awesome vintage texture.

Here's the song if anyone decides they want to feel the raw power that is the Misfits. The video's kinda crappy but you get the point.


Also here's some gremlin thing. I don't why I drew this but he's kinda kooky.

And some Dexter's Lab sketches. Found out they started including the Boomerang channel on my TV box. WHOO!

Thats it for now. Special thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and anyone just coming by the check me out!

It tickles my insides...hee hee...

Here's hoping your swell...


Nico said...

As usual, these are just masterpieces buddy. Great job! Also I must commend you on the kickass Dexter fanart. I love DeeDee!!

Chenny said...

I love the Dexter art! You made Mandark look so creepy..awesome style!

Shawn Dickinson said...

Awesome stuff! Your banner up top and the art for the links on the side of your page kicks ass! Love that duck! Jeez, man! Really good!