Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let me dump my art on ya...

Hey you! Got some things to show ya.

I don't think I've ever shown Deziree on this blog before. Anyway she's one of my favorite characters, had her since highschool. She's a confused half demon half angel pink haired black eyed 17 year old. Riveting!

I recently met Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art and gave them this fanart of Hootenanny from Tiny Kitten Teeth as a gift. Definatley check that out, its a hand painted wacky comic adventure updated 5 days a week!!

A commission from my friend Mike Ruocco of Hycanith Hippo and Ben Ali Gator from Fantasia. One of my favorite scenes too!

Another commission from my friend Chris Zito of Kowalski from the classic Ren and Stimpy ep "Fake Dad". Baby loooove Daddy!

And last but not least a very special commission for Lindsay Lamont and her fiance Chris. She wanted Tara to draw her and me to draw Chris. Ain't that sweet? They also sent us some pretty amazing gifts in return. But that I'm gonna show in another post. So keep your eyes glued.

Until next time, stay classy.



Nico said...

Hippo and Alligator are AMAZINGLY well done. love everything else, too. How the hell are you so talented Zach??