Sunday, July 12, 2009

A tiny little post

Nothing too extravagant right now, but I promised some art.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I wanna do a big character sheet with Max and all the wild things sometime soon.

I recently bought a tiny moleskine sketchbook so the first drawing in it was obvious.
The below scans are kinda bleh, but bear with me.

Even though I think Twilight is a total abomination of all that is good in entertainment, these two were just plain fun to caricature.

Thats it for now! I'm gonna try to squeeze out oooone more post before Comic Con since next thursday I'm leaving to stay with Tara before we go con-it-up.

Let me know if your gonna be there!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gallery Pics

Check out some pics from the Golden Age show! Right here.

But to see some of my piece here are some taken by Niko. Thanks man!

My parents were very happy for me haha.

Art soon. Promise.