Friday, August 7, 2009

Comic Con Highlights

Yea, I know it's been a while since Comic Con but I've been pretty busy. Just needed a minute to settle down. Buuut, here are some highlights from my 2nd time at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!

Tom and Mike at the LEGO booth.

Tiny Kitten Teeth booth with Frank, Becky and all their wacky friends.

Awesome Beach Party of Awesomness

And an awesome beach party it was...

The best part of Comic Con: STANDIN' AROUND

BAUZA! Such a cool guy.

Drawing party with Frank and Becky's crew at some swanky hotel.


Gaaaaaaaaah Dekay gaaaah!

Look its Fred Osmond!

Some heavenly cupcakes...

This guy had fuckin weird ass shoes!

The second best part of Comic Con: SITTIN AROUND

I don't remember why Ricky was so mad, but it makes for a silly picture.

Becky and Frank!

Croc skeleton at the zoo.

Croc skeleton with skin, muscles, and scales at the zoo.

Our new family member.

Ugliest animals in the zoo.

Denny's cheese fries! In case you didn't know they don't have Denny's in NY, where I live.

Life lesson brought to you by Thurop Van Orman.

Last but not least is my SWAG! -drools-
Thats it for now.
Stay classy San Diego! See ya next time.