Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Komodo Dragon Character Designs

I don't usually share my school projects on the internet a whole lot but I was really fond of this one.
For my Advanced Animation class we had to take an animal and break it down into shapes and use the shapes to make it a character.

I chose the ever so sleezey Komodo Dragon or Monitor Lizard.

So here's the break down of shapes of the beast's anatomy. Had to really show that we understood what the creature was made up of.

And now comes the fun part! The exaggeration into a character!

Here's a more realistic version. Everything below is more cartoony.

Alot of people in my class reacted the best to these two. Even though I don't like them as much.

So now I settled on a design. His name is Caesar.

I was the only kid in my class doing a reptile. Everyone else picked cats, dogs, birds...although there was a cool walrus and a three headed elephant, hahaha.

So nothing too special, just an insight to what's going with me. Let me know which Komodo is your fav!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Los Muertos del Mariachi

How about we let Halloween start a little early, shall we?

I've been wanting to do a Day of the Dead piece since last year so I finally got my chance when I was invited to be apart of the Autumn Society's Dia De Los Muertos Show taking place on Friday October the 2nd at the Proximity Gallery.

I originally had a bigger party scene planned for this but I settled on just a something simpler so I can finish on a decent time. I just knew I wanted it to look like it was under a black light and have a Mariachi band and a chicken in there, haha.

Conjured with colored pencils on black paper.

And for those of you who don't know Dia De Los Muertos (or All Souls' Day) is a Mexican holiday on Nov. 2nd where families get together and celebrate their deceased loved ones using sugar skulls (calaveras) marigolds and foods and drinks that the dearly departed favored. They visit the graves of their family members and might even catch a glimpse of their spirits.

My muertos pic also starts this year's Halloween series I plan on doing. 4 other spooky pieces are being concocted, mwahaha! If anyone has any suggestion's I'd love to hear em!

Also, it was my Mom's birthday recently so I drew her two of her favorite things:

...Purple and Tigers! Well...he's more purple on the inside.

Ok, show's over. See you next time!