Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lovin's in the Black Lagoon

Ok, ok, ok, one more post.

This is a little Halloween pic I did for Tara and sent to her with a bunch of candy and goodies.
It's also the invite for our post Halloween leftovers party this weekend. Its gonna be spooktastical!

Probably won't update for a while in the next 2 weeks, but who knows? Maybe I will.

Have a good gobble gobble, everyone!



Nico said...

That's the most cutest Tara I have ever seen! Besides the real Tara, of course.

Kali Fontecchio said...


<3 <3 <3

tinylittlesandra said...

Its been a while since I was back here, but man, Im loving it! I wont leave it so long till next time, I promise. Keep the good stuff a'rollin!

patrick sevc said...

wow, I really love this one. I agree, probably your best yet!

Katie said...

Hey Zach!! I don't comment enough, but I want to say that I looked through a bunch of your old posts today for fun, and page after page, your drawings are excellent. Pretty goddamned amazing.

The Black Lagoon drawing is crazy!!! Nice colors and expressions- the whole thing is really cute and cool. I love how you draw Tara too!

Zach Bellissimo said...

Nico- Thanks, bud! Yea, I'll admit, the real Tara is pretty cute haha.

Kali- I love love too! Whoo!

Tiny Sandra- Thanks so much!

Patrick- Thank ya, sir!

Katie- Golly, thanks a bunch, Katie! I feel all warm and fuzzy now, hehehehe :]