Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cookies for Santa...

Merry Christmas!

Xmas art coming soon!

Have a great holiday, all yous guys!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Fruit Bat Animation

I said I'd post animation, didn't I?

Well this right here is an assignment for my Animation Workshop class at SVA. We has to have a character start off with one emotion and then end with a completely different one. I had a silly idea to do a fruit bat with a gigantic apple. Its animated entirely in Flash CS3.

My teacher said I'd be a good layout artist.

And just for fun, here's some early drawings of the bat (he doesn't have a name yet). I simplified him a bit for the animation, but I do like this detailed version, especially his bow tie.

Also if you to go my Youtube channel you can see a hi-larious video of my cat in a box. I don't want to post it up here because I want the animation to get all the attention, haha.

I have one other animation I want to post but I'm gonna wait a bit, I might want to clean that one up some more.

More postings to come!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Full of Turkey and Spewing Stuffing

Back from my 2 week Thanksgiving leave. Ahhhh...and 2 more weeks till the next vacation.
Ok, cut the chit chat, here's some pics.

My new favorite thing is free drawing in my humanities classes. Ratch likes it too.
This one is just begging me to be colored.

Some Jillyans...her torso is too long.

Been on a Betty Boop kick kinda. Oh, Koko...

I took Tara to my school when Henry Selick (Coraline director) was doing a special Q/A session. We saw him at Comic Con for like not even 5 seconds but this time we got to meet with him for a bit and oh yea he ever took us for breakfast the next day. YEA. That's right.

It was so cool, just talking about animation while the director of my favorite stop motion movies sat across from me eating oatmeal. He had already seen Tara's work so I showed him mine and he said all my art was very "sickly". He was an awesome guy, gave us a lot of good tips and even an insight to his next animated project. Hopefully one day he'll hire me to get his coffee!

We also had a Post-Halloween party just for fun. I carved our left over pumpkin. My hands smelled like jack-0-stink.

I wanna try to update a bit more before my Xmas vacation hits, but it'll be very hard since all my school assignments are snapping at my ass like hungry gay alligators. I do have some animations to finally unleash.

Until next post, here's my weird overweight cat sitting on Spongebob.

Is it a metaphor? Who knows?