Friday, May 22, 2009


Well LOOKY HERE! My Blog has suddenly become more fancy! How do ya like that? Haha well I hope ya do like it. I had Tara help me put it together after she did her's. Well she mostly did all the work buuuuut...I picked everything out! I'm extremely pleased with it!

HAD to have a new banner. That old one was from like a year ago and I wanted to make something JUST for this blog. Haha I love me some gators...or crocodiles...crodilians...

And as an extra treat I had my bestest buddies mounted on the side wall of my blog! (Totally stole this idea from Kali. Sorry Kali)

This was the last known Sabertoothed Tara in existence. Found her while roaming around in San Diego last year. I think she looks mighty perdy on my wall, yessir! <3

This Great Northern Tom jumped infront of my car. Needless to say the car got damaged more than he did but right at that moment he actually died from neglected smoking diseases. See, his face is frozen with that "deer smokin a pipe in the head lights" kinda look.

Fossil remains of the fabeled Mikeosaurus. His hair was preserved in amber when I dug em up.

A tough catch, the Grizzly Blue Striped Dekay is a fast scavenger found deep in the heart of the Californian jungle. This one particularlly gave me troubles but I was able to subdue the beast with a dvd of british comedy.

A Curvy-Billed Ruocco Mallard I shot at the pond one day. The thing is once I shot him he started jumpin around the pond making "whoop" noises. Then he punched a nun. So I shot him again. And then the nun.

And here's just something I whipped up cuz my friend Schuyler challenged me to draw an angler fish, so I diiiid. This one might be too experimental, but it's got something goin on for itself. Colored Pencils on Black Paper.

I'll probably update again really soon, got some stuff in the works! Thanks for viewing!
And let me know if ya like my blog layout!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slippery Bastards and Rain Dogs

What's this? Another post from meeee? How unheard of!

I've been so pleased with my animal drawings so I decided to do another! Like the boar, eels are another one of my favorites. For this slippery bastard I wanted to try something "arts and crafts-ish" and was inspired by some pieces made by Katie Rice. Got this cool tye dyed construction paper. I think it looks bitchin.

Ok, please tell me SOMEONE out there listens to Tom Waits. Anyone? Anyone? Hm?
Well I've been really into him and since he's got such a distinct mug I just had to caricature him and all while listening to half of his discography, haha.

Gah, I've been on such an art high, I haven't been doin this much decent art in forever!
I love you summer vacation!


Monday, May 11, 2009

I got some stuuuuff.

Whoa! Summer break has begun for me. Another year at the School of Visual Arts DONE!
So my computer had a few problems and I had to get it fixed, so while it was away I did some traditional pics. All of em mostly done in markers.

Ahhh boars/warthogs have been one of my favorite animals since grade school. Don't ask me why, to this day I can't even say why I love em. Anyway this guy's just trotting along. He's kind of a mixture between a wild boar and a warthog (yes there is a difference) so I don't know if he can exist in the real world. Oh and he's blueish green. Haha.

This thing is called a Ruddy Duck. Found it while scowering threw one of my big animal books and thought it'd be cool to draw. When they get wet the feathers ontop their heads kinda look like horns so I exaggerated that in the drawing. Also they have really weird looking bills, they almost have a sort of point right in the middle of it.

This photo isn't a very good one but you get the point...

Last Sunday was Mother's Day so I drew my mom a great green fah-roggy. Haha she liks frogs, but probably just because of that song "Jeremia was a Bullfrog". She liked this...I think.

I think I like doing traditional stuff more than digital. Look out for more!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dodo Est. 1603

Back in the summer of 1603 I was on the Island of Mauritius and spotted this little guy waddling around, so I decided to sketch him. He had a very fearful look on his face. A few years later I found out his entire species were all dead! Hm, I guess this little guy knew about that before it happened....makes ya wonder...

Anyway, yea this is a Dodo (Raphus cucullatus to be specifical). Tried to make this look kinda like those old etchy drawings of animals from the olden times. It was fun.

Done with Prisma color markers, white gel pens, white colored pencil, microns and brush pens on brown paper.

ENJOY! And thanks for all the recent comments and adds! You guys are cool :]