Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Xmas Post 3 plus Other Stuff

Kickin off 2010 with a ZIPPA-DEE-DOO-DAH!
Alrighty, this is the last of my Late Xmas posts. But first I'll start off with some art!

This is Sheena and she's a hipster chick. This was drawn actually last year around April or May, and started coloring it but I never finished because I was getting more into traditional coloring. But I found it in my folder and realized it wasn't TOO outdated so I finished it.

2010 means its time to do a new ID picture of me. This one was fun. Just me doin what I do best...

Now onto the gifts I got for Xmas!

A trading card of me as Max from Dekay!

Sweet ass drawing of Tara and me from Emma! She also sent me some comics, markers and amazing Swedish chocolate.

Gifts from Kali (left) and Nico (right) that I got framed and are up on me wall!

Aside from the awesome plushie Tara made me, she also got me these
two Taxidermy Piranha fish to add to my ever growing Taxidermy collection. And lookie, one is meee and one is Tara hehe.

I gotta take some pics of my taxidermy collection sometime... you can kinda see my baby gator in the bg.

And now some phun photos!

Tara on her 21st bday with my dog Talula.

We went to the Tim Burton MoMa show in NYC, which was so amazing. We couldn't take pics inside the actual exhibit which sucks cuz there was some pretty sick stuff in there. They even had stuff Burton did in high school. No so sick, actually, haha.

Tara raking in the tix at Dave and Busters arcade fun place thing.

We also went to the Aquarium. This is a huge ass Japanese spider crab.

And they had a petting zoo! Well...sting rays and stuff.

I had a great Christmas, I usually do, but it was just even better this year since Tara was with me once again.

Oh and I made an Etsy shop!

I'm currently selling two original pieces, if anyone's interested.

Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog!
Next post I'll have some aaaaanimaaaaationssss uuuup!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Late Xmas Humbug Post 2

Part two of my late holiday post. More Gifts for friends! Mostly friends I've know for quite some time now. Lets get started, shall we?

Randy the last dodo watching the last snow flake. He's supposed to be a bit more chubby but I kinda made him too skinny. For Mike Ruocco.

Das Moustache! The roughest, toughest squid pounder in the history of...well...squid pounding!
For Mike Luckas. I know too many Mikes...

Don Monkey Suit telling you to shove it. For Chris.

The blue haired, demon horned, striped panted, Godzilla plated, questionably British Dekay!

And finally, straight from the grave comes Bonz. For Emma, who lives in Sweden by the way. Yea I know someone from Sweden. Wanna fight about it?

Next post, I'll highlight some gifts I got, mostly from friends and then I'll share some photos from when Tara was here.

Stay classy, blog peoples!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Late Xmas Humbug Post 1

Happy New Year, Y'alls! Man, Christmas is over already and its 2010. Time is fleeting. Kinda been putting off making a post since Tara was here and cuz I have so much stuff to post. So I'm gonna make about 3 posts and here's the first one!

My mom wanted a Xmas card this year that had something to do with a rhino who had a lit up horn. So I drew my characters Watley the Rhino and Chapman the beaver.

Here's the first drawing of Watley that my parents didn't like. They thought his hands were kinda confusing.

And look what Tara made for meee!!! A custom plushie of my character Ratch!
I was so surprised to get him. Ain't my girl talented, eh? Go check her blog for more pics of this guy.

Onto the Gift Giving!

Buttface for Gabe.

Mewsli and Pinwheel for Becky and Frank. I'm kinda not too good at drawing cute things, haha...

Diseasoid doing some "Trick or MEATING"(haha!) for Luke.

Yark the Cave Stupids chick for Katie.

Kimbo battling some rancid incantations from his Spellbook. For Mister Ricky.

A collaboration between Tara and I for the ever so amazing Kali and Nico! And look there's ever a Jiji and Dumb Dumb Duck in there! Golly!

And lastly...

Theres...SOMETHING...something on the wing! Drawn while watching the Twilight Zone marathon on New Years Eve. Tara don't like him much.

Alrighty, next post will be some more gift art for friends and some gift's that I got. And after that probably some photos. I dunno, you'll see.