Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Late Xmas Humbug Post 1

Happy New Year, Y'alls! Man, Christmas is over already and its 2010. Time is fleeting. Kinda been putting off making a post since Tara was here and cuz I have so much stuff to post. So I'm gonna make about 3 posts and here's the first one!

My mom wanted a Xmas card this year that had something to do with a rhino who had a lit up horn. So I drew my characters Watley the Rhino and Chapman the beaver.

Here's the first drawing of Watley that my parents didn't like. They thought his hands were kinda confusing.

And look what Tara made for meee!!! A custom plushie of my character Ratch!
I was so surprised to get him. Ain't my girl talented, eh? Go check her blog for more pics of this guy.

Onto the Gift Giving!

Buttface for Gabe.

Mewsli and Pinwheel for Becky and Frank. I'm kinda not too good at drawing cute things, haha...

Diseasoid doing some "Trick or MEATING"(haha!) for Luke.

Yark the Cave Stupids chick for Katie.

Kimbo battling some rancid incantations from his Spellbook. For Mister Ricky.

And lastly...

Theres...SOMETHING...something on the wing! Drawn while watching the Twilight Zone marathon on New Years Eve. Tara don't like him much.

Alrighty, next post will be some more gift art for friends and some gift's that I got. And after that probably some photos. I dunno, you'll see.



Katie said...


SO cool!!! Thank you so much! These are all amazing...of course, I like the Diseasoid and Yark ones best, but I'm biased, hee hee...actually, I haven't drawn Yark in a while, and now I'm inspired to! Ricky's is sooooooooo cool and scary too...

Tara is getting amazing at those plushes! Holy crap!

Luke said...

There's nothing better than a Halloween-themed late Xmas card! It's the perfect humbug gift. Thanks Zach, those are some truly incredible drawing!

Kali Fontecchio said...


First of all I love everything you did for everyone....

but YAY! Jiji, Nico and Dumb all in one pic??????? SO cute! It's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! <3 <3

Gabe Swarr said...

WOW! That has to be the scariest Buttface ever! Wow all of them are amazing! Thanks Zach! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Food and Drugs said...

Funny style that of yours.

Zach Bellissimo said...

Gee willickers! Thanks everyone, your all so very welcome!

Katie- Definatley draw some more Cave Stupids, I love that concept :]

Luke- Halloween Themed anything for Xmas is great! Thanks dude!

Kali- Haha, had to put your two favorite animal pals in there!

Gabe- Buttface is pretty scary in my opinion, lol.

Nico said...

AUUUGH ZACH these are all so amazing!!! I love all of them and your drawing for us kicks incredible amounts of ass! I can't wait to be holding it in person!! Thank you so much! You made me actually look cool, haha. I can't wait to see what else you will be sharing with us soon... GO ZACH GO!