Thursday, February 18, 2010

Etsy Beasts and Animation Devils

So this is one of the first assignments for my Animation class. I had trouble converting the file so it was not seen until now, haha.

We had to have two characters exchange an item or two among each other. I wanted to do something with a devil haha. The Fatty is trying to eat healthier but the Devil temps him with a random box of free candy!

Hilarity ensues.


And I have added some new additions to my ETSY SHOP!

All are original pieces done with markers and all are affordable!

One Slippery Bastard

One Gremlin SOLD

One Professor Ratigan SOLD

So can ya help a brother out? I'm kinda broke at the moment. I'll probably most more stuff up there soon.

Thanks for lookin'!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crocodile Central with Animation!

A double awesome post!

So last night, I did this piece on livestream and it was totally awesome. I got a nice small viewing group of cool people who chatted it up and watched me color, played some groovy tunes and my brother even came in and annoyed the piss outta me. And it was all in 7 hours! Haha!

I'm really pleased with how the colors came out. Voodoo Croc's always kidnapping Jillyan and trying to cook her or something. She always gets away though. Bondage...yea...cough...

For anyone who doesn't know what livestreaming is, its a website where you can record your screen and people can watch you do art live, as long as its digital. Its way cool and I'm totally gonna do it again.

Check it out.

This was another assignment for my Animation Workshop class. For most people in the class it was supposed to be their first stab at doing lip sync, but I had already done it plenty of times so I decided to challenger myself.

I thought of my crocodile character and how I always wanted him to be voiced by Tom Waits, so that's what I did. The snout was really tricky, and I still don't think I got it 100 % but I'm really pleased with the results.

Boy I love crocodiles...

More animations next week!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Doggone That Brer Rabbit!

I don't know why I suddenly became interested in Disney's 1946 feature Song of the South.

It could be because Disney has never released the film on any Home Video format due to potential racist controversies and is widely sought after. Or could be my interest in southern traditions and classic folklore. Or could be that the animation and characters of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear are so strong that they just appeal to me. Well whatever it is, I digs it.

I did a lot of experimenting on this piece, I tried to make a creative composition with the characters where your eye would led around the picture and not away from it. And I've been wanting to try doing some backgrounds too. Not so proud of that though, looks too much like a little Golden Book or something, even though I used that as a bit of inspiration, but not completely my own yet.

I was also planning on adding this Uncle Remus, but he didn't fit into the composition and it ended up looking better without him. Sorry Uncle Remus...I hope you don't mind.

And if anyone's interested, you should go sign this ONLINE PETITION to try to get the movie released to DVD.

Thanks for lookin! I'll have some sketches and animations up real soon.

Well, so long...

-jumps back in brier patch-

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Ya Come Off?

So I wanted to post some animations but I still need to convert the files. Blaaah. So here's some sketches. I don't really like posting em but I'm trying to keep this blog frequent.

Here's the Devil guy from one of the animations I wanted to post. He needs a name.

And here's a sea monster character I've been drawing a lot lately who also needs a name.

Some Song of the South doodles.

"Doggone, that Brer Rabbit is shooo' a caution! He sho' eez!"

I don't know why I suddenly got into this movie so much. Its just appealing to me.

I love Brer Fox.

It's too bad Disney hasn't released it due to racism.

And lastly here's an opposum trying to hit on some honey 'possums. I've been sketching a lot with thin pens and I gotta say, its really invigorating for some reason. More of those soon to come and I promise next post will have animations.

And if you will all direct your attention to thee right of my blog layout, you will see a plethora of lovely link buttons for good friends and awesome artists.

Thank you and goodnight.

-throws hat into crowd of stuffed animals-