Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crocodile Central with Animation!

A double awesome post!

So last night, I did this piece on livestream and it was totally awesome. I got a nice small viewing group of cool people who chatted it up and watched me color, played some groovy tunes and my brother even came in and annoyed the piss outta me. And it was all in 7 hours! Haha!

I'm really pleased with how the colors came out. Voodoo Croc's always kidnapping Jillyan and trying to cook her or something. She always gets away though. Bondage...yea...cough...

For anyone who doesn't know what livestreaming is, its a website where you can record your screen and people can watch you do art live, as long as its digital. Its way cool and I'm totally gonna do it again.

Check it out.

This was another assignment for my Animation Workshop class. For most people in the class it was supposed to be their first stab at doing lip sync, but I had already done it plenty of times so I decided to challenger myself.

I thought of my crocodile character and how I always wanted him to be voiced by Tom Waits, so that's what I did. The snout was really tricky, and I still don't think I got it 100 % but I'm really pleased with the results.

Boy I love crocodiles...

More animations next week!



Pedro Vargas said...

Man, the crocodile animation is HILARIOUS!! Love the movements and how well they go with the audio. It's rare for me to laugh so much at an animation! Good job, Zach!!

Nico said...

I missed the live drawing! But damn did that piece come out cool. I love Jillyan!

AMAZING animation! man Zach, I can tell so much work went into that, you did a fantastic job. Hooray!!

aintshakespeare said...

Is he boiling the pot over a heating vent! That's hilarious.

I love these characters.

Allyn said...

cool animation, i liked the little touch with his googly eye!

Scott Diggs Underwood said...

Good ol' crocodiles.