Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How Ya Come Off?

So I wanted to post some animations but I still need to convert the files. Blaaah. So here's some sketches. I don't really like posting em but I'm trying to keep this blog frequent.

Here's the Devil guy from one of the animations I wanted to post. He needs a name.

And here's a sea monster character I've been drawing a lot lately who also needs a name.

Some Song of the South doodles.

"Doggone, that Brer Rabbit is shooo' a caution! He sho' eez!"

I don't know why I suddenly got into this movie so much. Its just appealing to me.

I love Brer Fox.

It's too bad Disney hasn't released it due to racism.

And lastly here's an opposum trying to hit on some honey 'possums. I've been sketching a lot with thin pens and I gotta say, its really invigorating for some reason. More of those soon to come and I promise next post will have animations.

And if you will all direct your attention to thee right of my blog layout, you will see a plethora of lovely link buttons for good friends and awesome artists.

Thank you and goodnight.

-throws hat into crowd of stuffed animals-


Anonymous said...

The Song of the South stuff looks great, it's no wonder that it influenced you.

Malcolm said...

"I's gonna ROAST YA! On Dat Fiyah!"

First off, Brer Fox looks brilliant and excellent job on Brer Bear.

They should just release the shorts as extras on other DVDs. But, there are some bootleg copies of it all around the net.

Nico said...

d'aaaugh I LOVE these drawings! All the SOTS stuff is awesome, especially B. Fox. I for one am very glad that you posted them sketchies!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit: I've never seen Song of the South. But now that I see your drawings, I'll totally check it out.

Zach, as usual, your drawings are awesome!