Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey, Sloppy Milkshakes!

Yea, you already know what time it is.

My entry for the Autumn Society's Adventure Time Tribute!

I missed the deadline for this to be put into the special Adventure Time gallery but they are planning on either making posters or putting all the entries in a tribute book. Ain't that cool?!

Cartoon Network made a very wise chose picking up this toon. If the pilot alone can blow you away, then that pilot deserves a show, and thats the case with Adventure Time.

I can't wait for the show. It comes out around my birthday!!!!

Now, I think we're ok to about our feelings...

PS: See if you can spot Abe Lincoln :]


Also I know I haven't been posting anything lately, I've been way busy with school work. I'm lucky I banged this out in such a short amount of time. But don't expect any posts in the next week. Tara's coming to visit for spring break.

Ta ta!



Uncle Phil said...

!! Great job on the AT piece. Finn looks crazed! Very cool!

James Sugrue said...

Pretty sweet man

James Sugrue said...

hey Zach, thanks for the nice comments, my man! You are one of the many talents that inspire me to work even harder. I'm keeping my eye on you too!

sachio said...

Abe lincoln is on the face of the watch. How do you get this textured drawn on paper feeling? Cause it's digital right? Do you lay a paper texture and erase some of it out or is it all brushwork? Super cool.