Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let the Rumpus Continue...

Golly, haven't updated this in a while...well lets get started, shall we? I had these drawn and inked for a while now but I just bought the Where the Wild Things Are DVD so it motivated me to color em... I plan on drawing every wild thing, they are even some featured in the book that weren't shown in the movie. But for now here's the first set.

Maurice Sendak had based all the wild things after his aunts and uncles, so they were all named after them, but the filmmakers decided to change their names. I don't really understand that. My buddy Mike said it might have been because they didn't want them to have overly Jewish names. I don't know. Moishe IS a very Jewish name, haha.

Sendak name: Moishe
Movie name: Carol

The most recognizable wild thing. I love how in the film each wild thing kind of represents a part of Max's personality. Carol was definitely his childish "wild" side that Max connects with the best. He just wants to have fun but gets mad when he doesn't understand too many "grown up" things.

Sendak name: Bernard
Movie name: The Bull

Even though he's also one of the most recognizable wild things (and on the cover of the damn book), they made him the least acknowledged one in the film, they don't even say his name. He does have one line at then end of the movie but I'm still not sure why they made this one like that. It could be that he represents Max's new hope that he discovers towards the end of the film as he asks Max "Will you say good things about us?", which was laying dormant earlier hence The Bull being silent and ignored.

Sendak name: Emil
Movie name: Douglas

I loved how there was just a giant chicken among the wild things bunch. Gave it some variety, haha. Douglas must be Max's reasonable side.

Sendak name: Tzippy
Movie name: KW

This one would not be as interesting as she was if she didn't have the duck feet. KW kind of represented the side of Max that ran away, but also she represents what his Mother taught him or maybe even his Mother herself.

Sendak name: Bruno
Movie name: Cy (cut from movie)

This guy was considered to be put into the movie but replaced with Ira, I think. They look kind of similar even though Bruno is in more pages of the book. He's also in a bunch of wild things merchandise for the book. He's kinda nasty lookin, who knows what side of Max he would of represented.

And lastly is a tiny water color dribble of Carol/Moishe.

Also all the above drawings were done with prisma color markers and colored pencil on fancy brown textured recycled paper.

I plan on drawing more wild things but I need a new brown paper sketch book first. Until then...BE STILL!



Kali Fontecchio said...

I like your versions better!

Gabby Zapata said...

I love the last one! Probably because it's a different medium than what i've seen you use. Which is awesome :) Watercolor=goood. They're all great!

Malcolm said...

I like the names you gave the monsters. They sound more like monster names instead of "hipster-esque" names to fit the theme of the movie.

Zach Bellissimo said...

Kali- Hahah thanks, but ya gotta love Sendaks originals too!

Gabby- Thank ya! Yea I used to do more water color so I've been trying to get back into it.

Malcom- I didn't give them those names, Maurice Sendak (the original author of the book) gave those names to them, he based all the wild things off of his aunts and uncles.

Anonymous said...

These are great C:
I always thought of KW being Max's sister though, since Carol just really wants KW to still be his friend, and it seems like that's how Max felt towards his sister, like they used to be good friends, then she grew up, and now she just wants to be with her new, grown up, more interesting friends. I kind of thought about Judith being his mom/ loud bossy side.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Hey, Zach! These are awesome!

James Sugrue said...

They're Gorgeous, Zach!