Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aboard the S.S. Animal Cracker

Just a birthday drawing for me from myself.

So here's what's going down...

Me and 4 of my favorite animal pals Krunchy the Croc, Chorty the Chimp, Hickey the Hyena and Burk the Boar are going on a motor boat ride together. They'll probably all get drunk cuz ya know...they're animals and they'll wanna celebrate my 21st bday, so I'll just have my chocolate milk and make sure none of them swallow their tongues.

Krunchy can never handle his liquor too well, Chorty likes his booze with music, Hickey gets slightly effeminate and touchy touchy and Burk just likes to be left alone. Irving the Eel couldn't make it but I'm sure he had a good reason. Busy man.

As for me, I'm the designated human.

Should be fun.

Oh yea and I lied about the next post being about dragons. The next nnnnext post will be about dragons.

Peace and chicken grease.


Katie said...

This drawing is AWESOME!!! And I love the narrative that goes along with it! Happy birthday Zach!

James Sugrue said...

Looks great Zach! Happy Birthday again!

Nico said...

AHAHA! I LOVE THIS!!!! Happy birthday ZACHY!!!!!!

Kali Fontecchio said...


This is awesome! <3

Alden V said...

Very cool style!!!