Monday, April 19, 2010

Swampy Birthday Fun!

So, I had an amazing 21st birthday! Here's some gift art from a few people I want to showcase! Most of them are gators, haha.

Here's a freshly baked Gator Cupcake from Mike Ruocco! Yeesh I wouldn't wanna be that gecko...damn fire ants.

I laughed my ass off when Chris gave this to me. There's 21 candles on that giant croc! And I look so damn excited (and slightly turned on).

Here's an Al Herschfelt inspired caricature of me, from Malcom! Lookit mah crazy eyes!

HUZZAH! Safari Party from Dekay! I love the bg on this, now I really wanna have an awesome Safari party!

Last but not least, here's Tara's <3 a="">
She drew the both of us as each other's favorite animals. Lately she's been saying I act like a sloth. I dunno, what do you guys think?


So everyone's probably wondering if I drank alcohol since I turned 21. Well the answer is....sort of. Haha. Me and about 12 other class mates went out to a southern BBQ place called Brother Jimmy's, and they have a special drink, Swamp Water! They put it a giant fish bowl, with a bunch of colorful straws sticking out and to top it off they dunk a plastic gator.

The contents of the drink were a mystery to us, but we think it was just fruit punch spiked with vodka. But you couldn't even taste the alcohol. It just tasted like bitter fruit drink. Plus everyone at the table had a couple sips so no one was really trashed, or even buzzed. But it was still fun.

I also got a new Mac Book Pro from my parents! Yay!

And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy bday, cuz I ended having a very happy one!

-Zach (21 year old version)


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Malcolm said...

To quote Eeyore "Thanks for noticin' me." Hope you had a rockin' birthday, man.

Megan DeKay Lawton said...

Hey nothin wrong with having a drink every now and then!

Looks like you got some sweet-ass art this year!

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