Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tying Up Some Loose Ends...

...and some girls too!

These are some concepts for my final thesis film next year.

Confused? Good. More on this later.

After doing that Young Frankenstein commission I had a hankerin' to draw a solo Marty Feldman portrait. His face is a caricaturist's wet dream!

This was an art trade with Sam M. I did his cartoon band, The Vomits!
He's absolutely fantastic. Here I'll show ya...

He drew my characters Voodoo Croc and Jillyan! So amazing. Go check him out, really, go do it!

This is a Toothless pic I did back when the movie came out. Was gonna make a big ol' post about it buuuut never got around to it. Twas a cool movie.

And lastly, a pinup for the fair well of Gabe Swarr's Big Pants Mouse. We'll miss you BPM...

That's it for now. No offense.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Enter...Foolish Mortals...

No art in this post. Sorry. But since this coming September I will be moving into the dorms by my school, I wanted to take pictures of my room at home and share them with you before I take all the good posters and knick knacks into the dorm.

What you usually see when you walk in.

Close the door!

I like tiki's.

And look, Chloe's here to join us on our tour!

Yea, I collect alot of things.

There's even stuff on the Tv. Tara got me that Boop doll.

Figures and DVD collection.

The Betty Boop thing is a VHS set.

Monster movie posters, rare Gorillaz poster...

Hit this guy while driving near some woods. Its bigger then the one Rob Zombie has.

Yes, that's an official cel from Great Mouse Detective. What? I love that movie.

Tara's plushie she made me and my freeze dried bat.

Side of my dresser.

On top of my dresser.

Giant gummi bear!

Baby alligator from the 50's.

Tara got me those fishies too (the toothy ones).

My work space! The table was from my aunt who worked for a drafting company...I think...

Usually not this neat....

My markers...

I used to collect those little guys...and look! Night Fury!

Mexican Mad Monster Party poster, Skadi print, sharks...

Another rare Gorillaz poster...

Marilyn, Skeleton, more Gorillaz...

Some sketchbooks...a ray gun...

Gorillaz vinyls, Tara art...

Those two apes need to pay their rent...

My shelf collections! I have every Nightmare Before Christmas figure! And man, are they dusty!

Books books books...I like books...

Ren and Stimpy, Wild Things...

Flying monkey statue, pokemon figures, Twisted Land of Oz figures...

Aaand more books, piles of art and my boots.

Well wasn't that fun?! Ok its over now, you can go home, haha.
I love my room, its like a bubble of inspiration to me.

Thanks for checking it out and I promise next post will have art!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Abby Normal?

"I'm almost certain that was the name."

"Are you telling me...that I put an abnormal brain into the body of a 7 and a half foot loooong...54 inch wiiiide....GORILLA?! IS THAT WHAT YOUR TELLING MEEE?!"

Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein (Fron-Kon-Stean!)
And Marty Feldman as Igor (Eye-Gor)

This was a private commission someone wanted to get tattooed. Working on this rekindled my love for Young Frankenstein. I think it might be one of my favorite comedies of all time. Sooo many great lines and moments. Definitely gonna draw these guys another time.

The person who wanted it wanted the image in color, but since the ENTIRE movie is in black and white, I made an alternative version that was posted on my Deviant Art account. No offense!

More more more coming soon soon soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vampires, Felines, Boops and Shit

Not too much to post so here's some...uh...things...

Count Orlock aka Nosferatu, the scariest vampire ever.

Betty Boop! Haven't drawn her in a while and decided to add some Photoshop poop on this one (and a couple others below)

For some reason I've become nearly obsessed with trying to come up with an original design for a cat since cartoon cats all kinda look the same.

And here's some sketches of my own puddy cat, Chloe. She's 9 years old and 15 pounds and I love her!

Some Aliens and a Space man!

Snake and Cheeseburger face!

The Phantom!

Hope you've enjoyed the sketches! I really want to post some animations but I need to clean them up a bit more, make em presentable.