Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Totally Tubular 90's

The 90's.

A time of bright tacky clothes...the life and death of grunge music...Bill Clinton...and the best damn cartoons since the 40's.

These are two pieces for the Autumn Society's 90's show! Since growing up in the 90's the most exciting thing for me were cartoons! And boy, did Nickelodeon have em! They actually had cartoons back then! Yea, Nickelodeon. HAHAHA!

Rocko's Modern Life! Now that was a hoot!

I didn't realize how much the stories inspired me, I found old comics I did with my characters basically reenacting a story from Rocko. Yea I know, I was lame, it was the 90's.

I wanted to add the Chameleon Bros, The Fat Hippo Lady, Ralph Bighead, The Slug guy, The Wacky Deli Meats and the Wild Pig but I couldn't fit all of them, and chose only the ones I thought were most important.

But this show is the 90's to me. Bright crazy colors, awesome rockabilly/surf music, innuendos, bathroom humor, crazy stories and weirdly designed characters. And toooons of great one liners that I still recite to this day!

Turn da page, wash ya hands, turn da page wash ya hands....


Everyone's favorite garbage-dwellers, Ickis, Oblina and Krumm! AAAHH!

The only Klasky-Csupo show where their ugly style worked! Ha! I loved this show as a kid, I loved monsters as a kid, so it worked out for me.


If anyone's in the Philadelphia area go check out the show! It should be really aweso...I mean tubular, dude. Let's get some snaaackage....

Opening night-June 4th
Time-6-8 PM
Place-Brave New Worlds
45 N 2n Street
Old City

The 90's were awesome weren't they? I loved growing up then. Ya know, I would've done a big Ren and Stimpy tribute but I think, to me, they're bigger then the 90's. I'll do a nice big piece for em some day.

Thanks y'all!
Post some more stuff soon!


Shawn Dickinson said...


Nicolas Martinez said...

The Rocko piece is awesome!

Malcolm said...

I knew you had something up your sleeve, Zach. Your take on Rocko is absolutely breathtaking. I especially dig, Really, Really, Big Man's Nipples of the Future. Outstanding job, and I'm more than glad that you chose this.

Nico said...

Zach strikes again!!! Maaaaaan that Rocko piece is outstanding. I love love love LOVE it!!! I love each and every character from that show but I think Dr. Hutchinson was my favorite, she was just really cute and quirky and really weird!!! What other girl has a hook for a hand, and keeps a baboon heart under her pillow while she sleeps every night?

YAY ZACH!!!!!! And always remember...


Tara Billinger said...

Lol, if we were characters from Rocko we'd be Philbert and Mrs.Hutchinson cuz I'm always giddy and saying corny old fashion catch phrases and you always need to wash your hands every ten minutes. XD And yes, Spunky is Tooley.

You already know I love these.

Camille Rose Poitevin said...


I did a Post about Rocko's Modern Life myself not too long ago but i just drew shitty doodles while watching some of my favorite episodes..i love your rocko piece! My friend & I have all the episodes & watch them religiously...i mean..
so many awesome people worked on that show.

Just saw aaah!real monsters the other day too, that shows so silly & creepy, one in a kind .

Wings said...

Love them, and hell yeah - totally 90s! Awesome stuff!

Ænonimæ Ouyeah said...

AWesome work Zach!! love the style cheers