Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vampires, Felines, Boops and Shit

Not too much to post so here's some...uh...things...

Count Orlock aka Nosferatu, the scariest vampire ever.

Betty Boop! Haven't drawn her in a while and decided to add some Photoshop poop on this one (and a couple others below)

For some reason I've become nearly obsessed with trying to come up with an original design for a cat since cartoon cats all kinda look the same.

And here's some sketches of my own puddy cat, Chloe. She's 9 years old and 15 pounds and I love her!

Some Aliens and a Space man!

Snake and Cheeseburger face!

The Phantom!

Hope you've enjoyed the sketches! I really want to post some animations but I need to clean them up a bit more, make em presentable.



J.S.S said...

I wish you would post sketchbook pages more, love the doodles.

Giuseppe Bianco said...

Love the vampire.

Nico said...

So many freeeegging things I love in this post. Pretty much everything, yes. But especially your Betty Boop, she is so cool and well done! And Cheeseburger Face, man, you must turn him into a recurring character. He reminds me of a crazy, modern young brother version of Speedee, the original hamburger-headed mascot guy for McDonalds!

aintshakespeare said...

Good luck with the cat concept! I love cat drawings, and you are right, they tend to be pretty similar.

That Nosferatu is totally wicked. But I have to say my favorite part of this post has to be Cheeseburger Face. Too funny.

Gabby Zapata said...

my gosh you've come a long way since back in the ol' oekaki days lol :).. not that you weren't awesome before. You amaze me everytime :D!
Keep at it, kiddo :D!