Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't bother me, I'm Crabby

One trip down...two more to go! Just got back from a week in Ocean City, Maryland with my family, aunt, uncle and cousins. We rented an awesome beach house to stay at which I forgot to take pictures of...oh well...

There were a lot of crab places around and a lot of really bright highlighter colors. So I was inspired to draw this and colored it with hilighters bought from a local drugstore!

If anyone wants to have a go at coloring this, be my guest!
I didn't wanna use the hilighters for this so I'm gonna wait till I have time to properly color it. Being a beachy summer town, there were alot of surf shops, so thats why I drew this. And I like bats.

So besides drawing a bit, I made a new friend. Mr. King Kone wanted me to eat tons of ice cream.

Almost every night we snuck into the private beach and played around by the shore.

And we went mini golfing with dinosaurs. Guess which kids are my cousins and which are my siblings. Also I'm the oldest.

Sara, Kassy and me with a flamboyantly colored stegosaurus.

This place had some awesome dino-props and sculptures. I took a lot of photos of those, but I'll make another post about that later...

We got crabs!!!

It was a great trip, hanging out with my cousins and stuff. Lots of fun. So I'm only home for today and then tomorrow, and then the neeeext day I leave for Utah to go see Tara!

Looooook, Chloe wants to come with me! She's on my suitcase. Thats no place for a chubby cat.

I'll be there for 11 days and then Tara comes with me to NY to spend the whole month. And somewhere in the middle of that month we're taking a trip to Florida to visit my Grandpa and to go to Disney World! Whoooo! Its gonna be a ballin' summer.

Might be a while until I can update again, but I'll take of pics and stuff during my upcoming trips.

Also, I got some stuff up on my Etsy!

See ya later, friends.