Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tardy Dorm Post! Plus Sketches!

So howdy everyone! I know this is very very belated but let me show you my dorm! I never dormed before and since this is my last year at college I wanted the full college experience of living on my own. I moved in like the beginning of this month and have settled in quite nicely.

Pretty nice, for a dorm yea. I had to bring all my kooky things so I can be inspired when working on my thesis (which I will post about soon).

And now onto some sketches cuz I know I'm sick of posting photos!

Drawings at the park of people...and a squirrel!

Doodles at the diner of cats, Little Bear, a wolf, a white trash muppet and some dumb video character.

Griffins are awesome!

Mostly inspired by the Maurice Sendak book "The Griffin and the Minor Canon" and the Gryphon from Alice in Wonderland.

Hush hush comes the Boogey Man!

And last but not least, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective! Drawn while watching both movies. Jim Carrey is a living cartoon, I swear.

Aaaaaaaaaaall righty then!

Thanks for all the new recent followings and comments! See ya next time!



aintshakespeare said...

Fantastic griffins. And good luck with your new digs and thesis.

Curiosity Core said...

Those Griffins sure look fun to ride!

N.Hall said...

oh myyyy...
I could hug that Jim Carrey/Ace sketch

love him and your work
Have a good thesis year!

Peter said...

that drawing of little bear is radical

Gabby Zapata said...

ahh I love your bathroom shower curtain!!! pretty pretty :)

Skid said...

I like your griffin, so gangly and awesome!