Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghosts and Goblins of 2010!!!

"When the Ghosts wail and sing,
The Goblins ears do sting,
And the harvest moon's the biggest it's been,
this year on Hallowe'en!"

Today is Halloweeeen!!! The one night where ghosts and goblins steal candy from innocent children...well maybe...anyway, here's some art and other festivities that led up to this day!

I was extremely inspired by these old 1920's costumes I found.

They were basically variations of the clothing style of that time but with pumpkins and cats as buttons or scarves. Really awesome, so I had to draw the coolest ones! It would be really interesting to go back in time and see how everything was back then...

Check out dis smirking pumpkin I carved when I was visiting home! I think he's got the hots for you!

We also got a swan gord which I had wanted to paint to look like a witch but instead it started to look like Gonzo mixed with the Joker.

Talula made friends with the pumkin!

And here is my costume!!!

It was always a dream of mine to be an extra on a Planet of the Apes movie. I love that makeup so much.


Lastly here's a cool Halloween song you can listen to!

So I hope everyone has a great Halloween! I'm going to the NYC Halloween parade today and will definitely take some pictures of that to post!

Happy Haunts,


Saturday, October 16, 2010


I think its about time I talk about my final year thesis film, that I've been so busy with!


The story is about a very angsty teen girl (Sydney) who works for a boring postal service and delivers a package to a very strange house.

SpoooOOOOoOOOOoooky! Anyway, she gets abducted by the inhabitants of the house. She discovers the package she delivered was a strange looking blender that they apparently want to put her in!

Dr. Frappe is the mad scientist! Who knows what horrors his evil blendering plot will lead to!

Boyle is his hunchbacked assistant. He does all the dirty work and gets nothing but a kick in the head or a splinter in the eye in return.

And Oogle! The brain dead monster with the blender on his head! Why is the blender on the his head? You will soon find out!

Will Sydney escape this dreadful situation? Will she be made into some kind of evil milkshake?
Only 6 months of extremely grueling animation work will tell!

Thank you.