Sunday, November 7, 2010

100th Post!!!

Wow, its kinda crazy that I have 100 posts now. Golly...anyway, here's some sketches from September through now.

Noisy Banjo Cat.

Sydney and Friend.

Brobee's End.

Some Tom Waits doodles.

Tom and some animal friends.

Bird brains.

Two Cockney Types.

Weird late night drawings. I really don't know, haha.

Recent moleskin inkings. Guest starring Mike Ruocco!

Doug characters and Tara brushing her teeth. AMAZE.

Burk the boar, he's the first mate.

Particularly fond of this one. Dr. Krunch battles the SEA BATS!

For everyone who has looked at every one of my 100 posts, I hope you have made some kind of confused, disgusted, joyful, manic or zombified expression 100 times for each post!!!

I think its grand and thanks to everyone who's been checking out my art!