Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bela and Boris

These are just some caricature studies of two of my favorite icons. I was doing them for fun one night while taking a break from working.

Bela Lugosi, Hollywood's dark prince.

Boris Karloff, the gentle monster.

I'll post more stuff another time, when I'm not so busy.
Well, back to work!


John Will Balsley said...

Ah! Beautiful illustrations as usual! I recently saw a documentary about Bella not too long ago. A very interesting man indeed!

Martin Landau was really great as portraying him too in Ed Wood.

Boris is equally as amazing!


Ricky said...

woah! These are very very good, man. Observant and unique!

David Ziggy Greene said...

Really cool, dude.

Nico said...

Zach, you never ever EVER cease to amaze me!!!

aintshakespeare said...

Very cool.

Bloo Ocean said...

Seeing Karloff and Lugosi makes me wanna watch Tim Burton's "Ed Wood." Such a good movie~ Loved when Lugosi rants about Karloff's so called talent as Frankenstein XD

Anonymous said...

Those are great.

What Sketchbook do you use, btw?

Zach Bellissimo said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous- Its a moleskine, so these drawings are actually really small lol.

Pedro Vargas said...

That first Bela is amazing!! These are all awesome!

Fernan said...

Very cool work dude!