Monday, January 24, 2011

Dirk Inked My Sketch!!! Plus PUPPETS

Hey hey! So, Dirk is one of my best artistic friends, and you might remember our trade war going on a while ago. Well he just raised a new bar! He inked and colored one of my sketches!

Here's his version.

And here's mine. He obviously took A LOT Of liberties with his, but that's why I love it!

Its so eerie. I see things in there that are mine and make it seem like its my drawing, but then I see Dirk's style in there and it seems like its his...either way its still awesome! Once I free some time I'm going to return to the favor!

Also check out his awesome webcomic The SWEFS!

One more thing!! I'd like to announce that I've been doing some character design work for
Furry Puppet Studios!

(I did NOT design this guy lol)

Don't let the name fool you, their puppets are extremely professional and totally out there!!! I'm extremely happy to be doing work for them. We just completed a recent project which I can't speak about yet, but it should be pretty cool! I'll post sketches once I get permission to!


Giuseppe Bianco said...

Great collaboration. I love it.

John Will Balsley said...

Man that sounds pretty furkin' cool to be working with some puppet making folks. I'll have to make me myself some puppets one of these days! I checked out there site and it was pretty amazing!

I've seen that griffin sketch before, he did some cool stuff with it. It must be very interesting having someone draw your characters, I did a guest Dumm Comic this past week using Kimbo.

Cheers my friend!