Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gettin Hard on Myself, Sittin in My Easy Chair...

Haven't posted anything here lately. Thesis work has been taking up life.
First off, here's a screen shot from my thesis film "Blenderstein!"

Who is this Mad Monkey? What is he looking at? Why is our heroine tied up and gagged with a sock? Is the sock clean? What will happen?! You will soon find out!

And here's some sketches from my mole's skin that I've been posting on my tumblr frequently.
Some of them I really like and might clean up and color when I get time.

Hey its Groucho and Harpo!

Until next time, Blogsies!


HungoverEngie said...

I really like those Rockabilly types.

John Will Balsley said...

Man those are some sweet sketches. Also, how are you animating your movie, is it cel animation?

R.Dress said...

Awesome! Good luck with your film!!!!