Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brewing, Titmice and Ferrets

First of all, I'm extremely excited to announce that my thesis film "Blenderstein!" will be featured on Cartoon Brew's 2nd Annual Student Film Fest! That means you'll be able to watch it on their site! Whoo! I'll make a post when it's up and ready!

Now if you didn't know yet, I'm currently employed at Titmouse Inc. an growing animation studio in NYC known for such shows as Superjail and Metalacoplypse. So far I've done animation and cleanup for them on a number of upcoming projects. Although its a lot of work and I'm there from Mon-Fri I always find time to do some doodles after I finish my work.

Lastly here's a birthday picture I did for my friend Lauren. Its her and Riot, her ferret.

I have some stuff on the back burner I still need to post...I'll get around to it when I have some time.

Monday, June 6, 2011


So my film Blenderstein! was invited to be in the Midsummer's Night Toons 3 screening!

It showcases 6 shorts and mine is one of them! Also my fellow SVA-er Mirella has gotten her awesome film in there too!

Here's the trailer where you can see some snippets of my film, the first clips to be
shown online ever!

Midsummer Night Toons III Final Trailer from Midsummer Night Toons on Vimeo.

If anyone's in NYC this Friday (the 10th) come stop by! Its free!

I'll post some art soon!