Monday, June 6, 2011


So my film Blenderstein! was invited to be in the Midsummer's Night Toons 3 screening!

It showcases 6 shorts and mine is one of them! Also my fellow SVA-er Mirella has gotten her awesome film in there too!

Here's the trailer where you can see some snippets of my film, the first clips to be
shown online ever!

Midsummer Night Toons III Final Trailer from Midsummer Night Toons on Vimeo.

If anyone's in NYC this Friday (the 10th) come stop by! Its free!

I'll post some art soon!



Strange Kid said...

Major props for getting selected! The embedded video doesn't seem to be working right now for me, but I saw it on Vimeo and the clips look pretty sweet. :)

Malcolm said...

Oh Zach, you tease us so hard.

Jwbalsley said...

Pretty damn cool, we get to see the first few snippets of your movie, for the on-line folk that is. From what i can tell it looks amazing!

Congratulations in getting in!