Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blenderstein Beginnings part 1


This is the painting that started it all! A color theory piece done in water color for my Intro to Drawing class in my 1st year at SVA.

Here are the first character models of the three villains I did while trying to develop a comic back in 2008. You can see how they probably wouldn't have worked very well in animation...

Dr. Frappe, back then I was calling him Dr. Magnolius Frappe. Kind of more a mix between Mojo Jojo and that monkey from that 90's Mickey cartoon.

Oogle was being called Blenderstein back then but I thought a name change would be more appropriate since Frankenstein's monster was not named Frankenstein. Blenderstein is the brand of blender they use. He is named Oogle after Charles Ogle who played the Frankenstein monster in the early 1910 version.

Boyle, back when I called him Igorf (Frogi backwards, ooh I'm so clever!). I guess I forgot his "special" eye was on the right side. Whoops!

Here's the first drawing of a character that would later become Sydney. This one was done in '07 I think, senior year of high school. I was big into using real photos as textures. Lazy me.

The character's name was Audrey back then and I wanted to do a series of art with her being attacked by various supernatural beings. You can see I didn't really pursue this project.

Her redesign in 2008, when I decided to try to fit her into the comic. The idea of the two-toned hair is visible. Again, I forgot I put it on the other side, hahaha.

I abandoned this idea maybe in late 2008, and didn't go back to it until I started thinking about my thesis.

Sorry for the old art. Part 2 coming soon!

If you haven't seen the film, you probably should.


Sean Worsham said...

A fascinating glimpse into the past. It's cool to see them then and to see how it all translates into the new animation now.

Strange Kid said...

Love seeing "behind-the-scene" stuff like this, thanks for sharing Zach.

I hope you choose to continue Sydney's (mis)adventures, she's such a great character. :)

jwbalsley said...

I always like seeing stuff like that, old drawings that start an entire new universe.