Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Famous Monsters

These are some drawings I did for my Horror History class back when I was in school (it wasn't THAT along ago, only a few monthes). Since I loved the class so much for my final project I drew little tributes for all the films we had watched in class. Here are some of them, I still have 3 more to color...

Lon Chaney Sr. and Joan Crawford in the "Unknown" 1927

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in "The Black Cat" 1934

Elsa Lanchester in "Bride of Frankenstein" 1935

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in Hammer Film's "The Mummy" 1959

More to come, hopefully. All of them were done with prisma color markers and colored pencils on brown recycled hipster paper.


Strange Kid said...

The fact that you even thought to include Chaney from The Unknown is amazing! :)

Love the caricature of Cushing in the Mummy pic as well.