Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kandy Coated Kackles vol 9. October Octave

Wow, can't believe it's already volume 9! 4 more to go! I want to thank
The Strange Kids Club for keeping with the albums and supporting the idea!

So anyway, October Octave has a very dark pressence. It makes you want to flick the angel
off your shoulder. Turn out the lights, dust off the Ouija board, and pray for some evil!



1. Secret Treat
2. God's Away on Business- Tom Waits
3. Transylvania Terror Train- Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures
4. Til The Following Night- Screaming Lord Sutch
5. Cherry Hill- The Creepshow
6. The Shadow Knows- The Coasters
7. La Grippe- Squirrel Nut Zippers
8. Night of the Werewolf- Lee Kristofferson
9. Graveyard Shift- Bobby "Boris" Picket & The Crypt-Kickers
10. Clockwork Orange Theme- Wendy Carlos
11. Secret Treat
12. Sweet Dreams- Marylin Manson
13. Death At The Chapel- The Horrors
14. Evil Night Together- Jill Tracy
15. Walpurgis Night- The Coffinshakers
16. Nosferatu- The Coral
17. Return of the Phantom Stranger- Rob Zombie
18. When You're Evil- Voltaire
19. Secret Treat
20. I Need Your Head- Hasil Adkins
21. Sleepy Hollow- The Last Word
22. Oogie Boogie's Song
23. Bogey Wail- Jack Hylton & Sam Browne
24. Riders of the Storm- The Doors
25. Secret Treat
26. Hush Hush Hush (Here Comes the Boogeyman)- Henry Hall


Lisa Naffziger said...

Oh my gosh.
So glad this mix has 'Gods Away on Business.' Great song :)

Really_Rather_Not_Nice said...

Really dig the cover for this one. Possibly my favorite so far... maybe. It's hard to choose.

I'm actually dreading the end of the mixes, to be honest... Even though it means Halloween will be here. I'm going to miss seeing a new list of Halloween tracks and a new album cover each evening.

This has been such a cool Halloween treat.