Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kandy Coated Kackles vol 14. The Creeps of Christmas!


Christmas is great, so it may seem
I bet some of you still long for Halloween
Don't fret and don't panic
Here's some yule tide songs to make you go manic!
Its called The Creeps of Christmas
And as you can see
The creeps celebrate the season rather differently

Krampus catches naughty kids
and brings them to his lair
Wolfman is jealous of Santa
He may have more hair!
The Bumble tries to eat Rudolph
Though he's too slow and dumb
Frankenstein is very festive
Putting up the mistle thumb!
Dracula will suck egg nog
From a jugular I bet
This gift is for the Headless Horseman
Its a severed head in a basket!

The Purple People Eater can still rock and roll
The Ghost of Christmas Future is for whom the bell tolls
The Gremlins always cause such a clatter
Jack Skellington creeps in to see what's the matter

The Grinch just hates Christmas
The whole damn season
Boris Karloff suggests
No one quite knows the reason
And Jacob Marley sits tortured in his heavy shackles
He'll cheer up when he listens to some Kandy Coated Kackles



1. Stocking Stuffer
2. It's A Monster's Holiday- Buck Owens
3. What's This?- Danny Elfman
4. You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch- Thurl Ravenscroft
5. Santa & The Purple People Eater- Sheb Wooley
6. Chainsaw for Christmas- Zombina & The Skeletones
7. Stocking Stuffer
8. Halloween on Xmas- Coffin Caddies
9. Here Comes Krampus- Huizenga
10. Stocking Stuffer
11. Christmas Rap- The Crypt Keeper
12. I Found the Brains of Santa Claus- Jason & The Strap- Tones
13. Stocking Stuffer
14. Shot My Baby For Christmas- The Vaudvilles
15. I Killed Santa Claus- The Creeping Cruds
16. Merry Monster Christmas- Len Maxwell
17. Stocking Stuffer
18. Abominable Snowman in the Market- Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
19. Making Christmas- Danny Elfman
20. Christmas with Krampus- Les Barons
21. Glory Amen- Those Poor Bastards
22. Stocking Stuffer
23. Silent Night, Deadly Night- The White Coffin Terror
24. New Years Eve in a Haunted House- Raymond Scott
25. The Bite Before Christmas- The Cool Ghoul
26. Santa Claus is Coming to Town- Alice Cooper
27. Stocking Stuffer
28. Monster's Holiday- Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt Kickers
29. We Wish You A Scary Christmas- Disney's Haunted Mansion Holiday

Merry Christmas to all you ghouls out there!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Croc-a-billy Sculpture

So here's something I completely forgot about. I made this sculpture like last summer but never really said anything about it and kept forgetting to post photos. I remember going to a Maurice Sendak show held at an animation gallery and seeing some sculptures that Dr. Seuss did of random made up animals. It got me inspired to do the same! So I chose my favorite animal and combined it with my favorite kind of music and this is what happened! A rebellious rockin' reptile equipt with leather jacket, greasy hair and biiiig teeth!

Here's some making-of photos. Started with tin foil and then covered it with super sculpy.

Baked it in the oven and then painted it with acrylics!

Sculpting is really fun and the end result is always satisfying. I definitely want to try it again once I get some free time. Maybe I'll do something smaller, this guy kinda takes up a lot of room...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RIP Ricky

Ricky Garduno was a one of a kind, genuine, real person. His ideas, art, jokes and interests were intense and like nothing else. His opinions and outlook on life, even though many people didn’t agree with them, were strong and always backed up by legitimate reasons and arguments. He didn’t care what anyone else thought, and thats what I loved about him, I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky twice and being online friends with him all in-between. Its a tragic shame he left us so early, but like all the great people that are taken away from us too soon, that might make him more legendary. I will always have an immense respect for this guy.

Here are some photos from our first meeting, Ricky bought us all breakfast. I don’t remember the context of the 2nd picture, but it makes me laugh, haha. And then some art I did for him including my guest strip for his comic 1930 Nightmare Theater.

Ricky, I hope you finally found something better, man. Cheers. I miss you.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Original Art For Sale!!!

Selling some original art here! I'm trying something new by having it up for bid on ebay. The first two are new pieces I did just for the sale, the other is
one I did last year. I want to do more pieces to sell but this is for now.

Harley Quinn

The Wolfman


All pieces are original, done with ink and marker and each purchase will come with a free sketch, some prints and a postcard!

Thanks guys!