Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RIP Ricky

Ricky Garduno was a one of a kind, genuine, real person. His ideas, art, jokes and interests were intense and like nothing else. His opinions and outlook on life, even though many people didn’t agree with them, were strong and always backed up by legitimate reasons and arguments. He didn’t care what anyone else thought, and thats what I loved about him, I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky twice and being online friends with him all in-between. Its a tragic shame he left us so early, but like all the great people that are taken away from us too soon, that might make him more legendary. I will always have an immense respect for this guy.

Here are some photos from our first meeting, Ricky bought us all breakfast. I don’t remember the context of the 2nd picture, but it makes me laugh, haha. And then some art I did for him including my guest strip for his comic 1930 Nightmare Theater.

Ricky, I hope you finally found something better, man. Cheers. I miss you.


Salomon Fenix said...

Thi is a Shame, Ricky was great I regret this and besides ricky was already feeling bad and not well understood but in truth he was already in a great depression, Zach Greetings

EZ Goodnight said...

Read about this on Dumm. Sad news.

EZ Goodnight said...

Read about this on Dumm this morning. Sad, sad news.

jwbalsley said...

I don't think this was destined to happen, sometimes the universe doesn't work right, perhaps a cosmic hiccup of somekind.