Saturday, February 4, 2012

How To Talk To Girls

I made a really silly comic:

That used to be me when I was single, haha. Maybe some of you shy single guys can relate to this, and maybe you single girls might learn something.

Totally went overboard with the coloring when I really wanted to try something simplistic. Oh well. Also the dudes hair was so annoying to draw!

Also here’s a song you can listen to while you read it!


Katie Orcutt said...

Holy crap hahahahahahaa. This POOR GUY! Awesome work, dude. His facial expressions are hilarious, I love how he progressively looks more like death with each explosion. Haha

Salomon Fenix said...

OH God this comic is very bizarre, creepy and funny, you are very inspired in Vasquez and John K. whine mkae this.

Nigel said...

Nice one! Super legit Buster! Excellent use of drawings. I want to read more comics you make.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Hahaha! Great comic, man!

jwbalsley said...

OH Jeeziz! That's hilarious and a perfect nightmare scenario. It's cool to see you're making some more comics, your stuff works great for them!

Strange Kid said...

Hahaha XD

That last panel on page 2 is priceless. Priceless man!

This is all sorts of nasty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 4chan's /v/ here, just wanted to say that we all love this goddamn comic.

If you possibly made this into a series, I'd be ecstatic, man. Keep it up.