Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey guys, I am happy to announce that I will currently be taking commissions!
Since I have moved to a new place and now have to pay rent (among other things) and I'm currently in job limbo right now I will have plenty of time to draw you guys some kick ass stuff!

Here are the prices:

$15 for Sketches
$20 for B/W Inks
$65 for Digital Piece of 1 character
$75 for Digital Piece of more than 1 characters
$85 for Traditional Marker Piece of 1 character
$95 for Traditional Marker Piece of more than 1 characters

And here's how its gonna go:

There will be 10 spots open for Sketches and Inked drawings and 15 open for Digital and Traditional pieces. Once those spots are filled I will not take any more commissions until all the pieces are finished. Then I will re-open the spots.

Check the spot list here!

Some Rules:

Please please PLEASE note what kind of things I usually draw. I will draw anything from:

-fictional existing characters from movies, shows, cartoons, video games, books, comics...
-caricatures of people, celebrities, musicians, you, your friends...
-monsters, animals, creatures, cartoony things, hot chicks, ugly dudes…
-and course your own original characters!

 If you commission me to draw your adorable new born baby or a respectable portrait of your family, it will probably look very boring. I also will not do any kind of porn or hard core fetish stuff. I will also not do any kind of furry porn or furry fetish stuff.

How to Contact me:

Send an email to and title the subject "Commission".

Messages are ok too, but email is preferred.

Make sure you send me a DETAILED description of what you want. Include photo reference if it is an original character of yours or a photo of someone.  If you send no photo reference I will NOT search through your gallery to find said character.  Also a lot of people do tell me "do whatever you want" that is ok too, but just be aware that I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT hahahah!

How to pay:

Paypal Paypal Paypal PAYPAL! Send the money to

If you are really interested in commissioning me and can't use Paypal, talk to me and we can work something out!

Thanks for the interest and support guys :]